"*Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak."- Rachel Zoe

Wardrobe can be a means of communicating visually before communicating verbally, and I can aid in advancing your professional aspirations or enhancing your personal life.

Mission Statement: Jiayue's mission as a stylist is to make her client feeling confident about their own personal styles and body images. Style is an absolute necessity regardless of client's budget or lifestyle. She wants to make every client feel confident no matter what area they work on.

Services If you want to find a style you adore that reflects who you are, then let’s talk! Whatever your requirements from a total makeover to wardrobe styling sessions to personal shopping trips, Jiayue will provide a perfect package that will suit you and your lifestyle.

Target Market Women and men any shapes and sizes, with fixed income. The age is between 23-35.

Location San Francisco


Service 1: CLOSET ASSESSMENT & INVENTORY This includes a full wardrobe assessment and cleanse. We will decide what stays, what goes, and what can be reinvented with creative tailoring. I can also take away the clothing you don’t keep to prevent a ‘style relapse.’

Service 2: OUTFIT IDEAS I’ll show you how to put together and accessorize looks from your own wardrobe by flashcards help client to understand how to style the clothing. Flashcards will be printed as well as given digitally.

Service 3: PERSONAL SHOPPING Shopping with you or shopping for you depends on your preference. Also includes Online (shipping include in fees) We shop for those ‘must-have’ items and anything else you need to create a versatile and stylish wardrobe. I’ll choose the best options for you from classic pieces to the latest trends, and will advise you regarding styles that flatter, tailoring, color, and accessories.

Service 4: SPECIAL EVENTS Includes creating a look for any special event by shopping in store for client. Creating 2-5 looks to choose from. Also could provide lists of gooming places alone with it.

VIRTUAL STYLING (For long-distance clients)


o Complimentary consultation

o Closet assessment over video chat

o Suggestions on editing and monetizing of old pieces

o Online shopping to integrate with current wardrobe for 15 outfits


o Complimentary consultation

o Online shopping to offer you choices for your event


Service 1: $60hr ( 2 hours min ) Service 2: $60hr Service 3: $60hr Service 4: $120hr

*PAYMENT: * Pay Pal Credit/debit card Check For more styling info please contact: JIAYUEYUAN12@GMAIL.COM